Friday, September 10, 2010

Another summer gone

I have not been keeping this blog updated very well, seems there are always too many other things demanding attention and time. Summer has passed, we had a fairly good garden harvest despite terrible weather conditions and repeated hailstorms and wind storms. The sweet potato experiment got frosted so the harvest of them was small, but shows that it can be done here, may try a little patch of peanuts for next year. Our home has progressed as well, the shell is 98% closed with a few very difficult bits that still need doing. My old pickup has of course been giving fits and refusing to start. We had made plans to get away for a while this fall and maybe even just camp for the winter in the southwest, so of course a number of things are popping up to throw monkey wrenches into our plans.

We did take a little time out to do some metal detecting, but still haven't been able to go investigate an interesting lead on a Dakota lost mine legend and at this point it may have to wait for next summer. As that mine has been lost for over a century and very few people even know about it much less are actively searching, I think it can safely wait one more winter. It will take a few days at least to property check out, hence the problem of finding those days to spend. So much for the update on a personal level.

Beth found a tidbit of information on the Lost Dutchman mine which we must investigate if we are able to go to Arizona, I won't share that publicly or privately, sorry. I can say that it is not information that is not available to everyone, just something that appears to have been either ignored or missed by most (or perhaps all) Dutch-hunters for over a century. It could be a red herring like so many others and I won't be upset if it proves to be.

If our plans go as hoped, this blog will not likely be updated with any new posts until spring, so anyone reading this after October don't be concerned if nothing new appears for quite some time. Perhaps I will have some new information to post by then.

As always, good luck and good hunting dear reader, I hope you find the treasures that you seek.
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