Saturday, January 21, 2012


Personal update

My apologies, dear reader, for not keeping this blog updated more frequently. In truth I had some difficulty in gaining access for some time, but now have resolved that issue.

Beth and I made our annual migration to Arizona in October but did not camp over the winter, deciding to spend it here. Unfortunately not long after we got back, I hurt my back and it has been very slow in healing so I have not made much progress in the many jobs around here that need to get done. Thankfully the winter so far has been one of the mildest we have ever seen in northern latitudes, though I am not planting any palm trees for I realize that there is plenty of time for winter to still get ugly before spring gets here.

The annual Dutch Hunters Rendezvous was quite a treat for us, we got to see many of our friends and met many of the famous names in the Lost Dutchman world of treasure hunters. I think the founder of these meets, Joe Ribaudo, is due a lot of credit for getting us to get together in peace, on much the same terms as the old Mountain Man rendezvous - that is, the battle axes are left at the gate, and families are welcome. I hope they will continue to go on for there seem to be fewer and fewer of us as time goes on.

I have been continuing to work on the Custer book, quite a learning curve and a great deal of information to go through. PBS recently ran an episode of their western history series on the famous battle on the Little Bighorn, and I was stunned to hear the experts mention the fact that Reno and Benteen simply sat on Reno's hill for an hour and a half doing nothing, with hardly an enemy warrior in rifle range - as if everyone just always knew that fact. At Reno's 1879 Court of Inquiry there certainly were plenty of efforts to cover up that time gap, as it was pretty much inexplicable and I had found it in my own research, but it is never depicted in any of the Hollywood versions nor the many books on the market. I am glad to see it has finally made the light of day, but those same experts were guilty of spouting the old dogma in which there was no time sitting there doing nothing for many years, I wish they would acknowledge that fact.

If you are one of those who wrote to me to ask about the book, don't worry it is still pressing ahead for there are other shocking facts in that battle which have apparently never been made public knowledge too. I don't want to tease you but can promise that those facts will be included, even the shocking ones like that mentioned so casually by PBS.

I posted a new article on the other blog just to keep my hand in on treasure hunting, this one about the legends of lost silver mines in Pennsylvania; Pennsylvania is not known for precious metals but does have some documented gold and silver mines, and documented lost gold and silver mines as well as at least one lead mine.

That is it for this update, dear reader, but I will make an effort to post something more interesting soon. Good luck and good hunting to you amigos, I hope you find the treasures that you seek!



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