Thursday, May 05, 2011

Personal update and other humanoid inhabitants of the planet

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What a gorgeous day we had here at the southern edge of the Black Hills today. The clear blue sky and warm temperature, with just a light breeze meant that we had a chance to get some work done that has been put off. The main part of the garden got tilled up, potatoes and onions planted, and a patch of volunteer spinach that sprang up un-invited got picked for tonight's dinner. Apparently someone was so careless about the spinach last year, that some went to seed and the wet spring allowed the seed to germinate and grow, so tonight we dispose of the evidence of my slothfulness! I would take as many more such days as this one was, as I can get.

On a personal note, making real progress on Custer and the Little Bighorn, even finding a few answers to some of the many small mysteries in that story. I think it will make for an interesting read when it is completed - hope I will have the self discipline to get it done in less than a decade.

Like so many people I am fascinated by mysteries, not so much with criminal mysteries for I am not attracted to the ugly side of our social behavior but the mysteries which science does not have the answers for. Of course I realize that puts me squarely in the 'tinfoil hat brigade' and I no longer feel the slightest insult at that for there is at the root of most of these 'myths' a real phenomenon. For instance, humans have had legends of "little people" for as long as there have been written records and probably considerably longer - and there are real little people only recently discovered, popularly known as the 'human Hobbits' - or scientifically homo floresiensis. Academia is divided into camps over whether these enigmatic people so recent in the fossil record are of the modern human species or of an earlier, more primitive type but based on the findings so far I lean toward the more primitive type. With brains about the size of a modern chimpanzee brain, it was not expected by academia that such people would have been doing what they were doing. These shocking little people perhaps 3 feet 6 inches in height, hunted in groups, used tools and fire, were able to take down pygmy elephants and giant komodo lizards; and apparently survived into historic times. At a minimum they were still around only 13,000 years ago but local legends point to some population still in existence when the first European explorers were visiting southeast Asia or the 1500's.

Evidence has been found that an even smaller race of humans or humanoids closely related to us once existed in America, such as the two tiny mummies found in Wyoming. The first, nicknamed 'Pedro' by his finders, for the mountains in which he was found. Two gold prospectors blasted open a cave, hoping to find veins of the yellow metal and were quite shocked to find instead a tiny mummified man. He was in a sitting position and well preserved, and would have stood a whopping 14 inches tall when alive.

The local Shoshone and Arapaho tribes have legends of little people who used to live in the region; they were described as standing 20 inches to perhaps three feet tall, used poisoned arrows and despite their tiny physiques, were said to be able to carry a full grown deer on their backs. Of course the skeptics insist that the two Wyoming mummies are really not of adult individuals but are really just stillborn or infant children afflicted with anencephaly, that is born without a brain so would explain the appearance of maturity. Unfortunately the fact that Pedro had brain tissue exposed in the massive head wound that apparently killed him belies that hypothesis, and there are some physical peculiarities about Pedro and the second mummy that point to a different race of humans rather than some birth defect - the overly pointed canine teeth for instance.

What all this is leading to is that since there clearly is some basis to the ancient legends of little people, is it not just as possible or even probable that there are also real humans or humanoid relatives that will fit the legends of giants? Science tends to suppress the various fossil finds of what can only be described as human giants, such as Meganthropus or Gigantanthropus, but considering that every other family of species whether elephants or lizards, there are extremes in size. Meganthropus would have stood some 8 feet tall, while Gigantanthropus could have been as tall as 14 feet!

Now is it not possible that one of these (now un-recognized officially) species from the fossil record, a close relative to us humans, is what is at the root of the worldwide sightings of Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Yowie, Yeti etc? The proposition that it is really Gigantopithecus, an ancient giant ape, simply do not fit well with the reported description we see in the Bigfoot sightings, nor with the observed behavior. A giant species of human however might well be able to make and use primitive tools like clubs, would have faces similar to our own as so commonly reported by witnesses (the similarity to humans is often the most shocking point of an encounter) as well as those reports, often dismissed out of hand, of Bigfoot seen wearing human clothing. Apes might mimic human behavior, but a primitive human would be more likely to try wearing clothing.

For further research try;
Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization
Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Organization
Cryptomundo, latest news

That is it for this edition, good luck and good hunting amigos, I hope you find the treasures that you seek.


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