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Are we being visited?

"If it were true that alien spacecraft were visiting the earth, the government would have to know about it, scientists would have to know about it and the media would know about it"
Astronomer and former military pilot, James McGaha, UFO debunking expert

Now this may seem a strange opening statement for a post on UFOs, but in fact I agree with every word uttered by Mr McGaha in that very statement. For in fact, the evidence shows that alien spacecraft are visiting the Earth, have apparently been doing so for as long as recorded history, the US government does know about it and has for quite some time, scientists working for or affiliated with that government do know about it and as for the media, to "know" about it can be proven by the sheer number of media published accounts of them. The media has not taken a position about whether the UFO phenomenon is real or not, just published the reports as well as the dismissals and debunking efforts. The media is guilty of ridiculing witnesses over the years too, but let us look at these points in order.

If it were true that alien spacecraft were visiting the Earth;
It is fairly well established that we can not be alone in the Universe, and by one considered estimate there are perhaps 40,000 advanced civilizations in just our galaxy. The fact that we are not able to travel the vast distances between these unknown neighbors of ours does not prove that such travel is impossible. We are relatively infants as far as space travel goes, with many a failure in just reaching our close neighbor Mars to darken our record. The fastest speed of any man-built craft so far achieved has been the Helios 2 spacecraft, which reached 150,000 mph. This rate of speed, while seeming to be almost incredibly fast to us who trod the Earth and see nothing faster than a bullet, is far too slow for interstellar travel purposes. Nature surpasses this speed record easily, the speed of photons in a beam of light or particles from gamma explosions reaching the 'speed of light' or 186,000 miles per second. Now the speed of light has been pronounced as the ultimate speed limit, a constant unaltered by Einstein's theory of relativity, but some scientific tests and a few observed natural phenomena hint that it is not the ultimate speed limit at all.

This assumption that we can not have been nor are we currently being visited by alien species that traveled from other star systems since it is "impossible" to achieve the speeds required for such travel, for the travelers to arrive in the space of a human lifetime are the result of human-centered conceit and bias. That presumes that we humans are the most advanced beings that exist, that our levels of technology are the ultimate possible and so on. Even the presumption about a space voyage needing to be accomplished in the span of a human life (say 70 years or so) is a species bias that is unfounded. There is no evidence that an alien species must have a similar life span to our own; nor that space travel must be made by a single living generation. Further, there is no reason for the crew or passengers of a space voyage to spend all that time speeding across space with nothing to do but watch the view change over time, the passengers aboard such a vehicle might very well be put into some kind of deep sleep or state of hibernation, or as the science fiction writers used to postulate, 'suspended animation'. Again using nature as our model, many species already practice hibernation, a virtual shutting down of the body functions to a minimal state, the brain being reduced to a resemblance of sleeping, and thus the animal survives for months at a time without any apparent harm emerging well rested and hungry.
In nature there are even more extreme models; the water bear for instance, are able to survive in extreme environments that would kill almost any other animal. Some can survive temperatures of −459 °F, close to absolute zero, temperatures as high as 304 °F, 1,000 times more radiation than other animals, and live almost a decade without water. Specimens were carried into space in low orbit, and when returned had not only survived the vacuum and radiation but laid eggs.

Freezing was once proposed as a way ot placing space passengers into a state of 'suspended animation' but the process of freezing destroys the cellular structure of the body being frozen and thus would not work as a way to get living humans to a distant star, however experiments continue and some promise seems to be related to sugars introduced into the cells which then act to preserve the cellular structure - copied from nature.

The plentiful evidence of "sky gods" of ancient history, flying around in what resemble modern UFO reported vehicles, would support the contention that Earth has been visited for some time. There is even evidence of alien interference in the progress of human affairs; the two incidents during Alexander the Great's campaigns for example.

Now to the second part of the statement; that our government knows about it.
We do not know when the US government first learned the truth about UFOs. The evidence that the so-called Roswell incident may have been the tipping point certainly looks a promising route for the researcher. There was some investigation done before this, perhaps even during the Second World War when the reports of Foo Fighters started to turn up. At the time, military intelligence seems to have suspected the strange craft were some kind of secret Axis warplanes or guided weapons, but they were not aware that German and Japanese pilots were encountering the same things and their military intelligence were laboring under the same mistaken impression. As to what might have attracted the attention of alien visitors during that conflict, we could only surmise; but there were several bright flashes of light from planet Earth, that gave off equally bright radiation and would have been visible far out into space. Radio signals had been emanating from Earth since Marconi popularized the use of it (I can't credit him with the invention though so many do, Tesla really invented it and Marconi seems to have simply stolen the idea from him). There were even attempts to communicate with space neighbors in those early days too - (early 1920's) with reports of success that were immediately dismissed and denounced as natural sources rather than intelligent origins.
With the recent release of documents from the FBI, along with the strange stories that emanate from the mystery base Area 51 or "Dreamland" (aka Groom Lake) in Nevada, or the revelations from Col Philip Corso's book before his demise, it seems rather clear that our government knows considerably more about alien visitors to our planet than they ever admit to. Even NASA has photos and film footage of what appear to be alien spacecraft, especially in the "where is the Soviet MIR space station" incident and with the failed experiment with a tether some ten miles in length, which lit up and apparently attracted dozens of large "objects" similar to the way moths are attracted to a light.

Several former astronauts have come forward with information confirming the reality of UFOs being known to the government as well. Enough said on this part of the statement.

So the truth is, Earth probably is being visited by beings or their automated devices, for their own purposes. It may be nothing more than a desire to know what is going on here, for their own security. Humans have a rather violent record, so to see the bright flashes of nuclear detonations, followed by vehicles carrying these violent creatures (us) out into space, might well be alarming enough to warrant observation. To expect that alien civilizations would land on the White House lawn and hold press conferences is more unrealistic than the belief that UFOs are alien in origin. We must not expect alien civilizations to have the same logic and the same purposes for their actions as we do, is foolish and without foundation. Just consider how we humans approach other life forms which we do not consider to be our equals, say chimpanzees for instance. When we want to learn more about them, we simply grab them out of their environment, without consulting them or any other kind of interaction other than their capture and removal. We put some into zoos for our amusement, test them with our devices that are in all probability incomprehensible to the chimpanzees, and even dissect them to learn how they are built. What you see as a pattern in the many reports of alien abductions is not far different from what we ourselves do to the chimpanzees - people are seized without their consent and almost at random, are examined and tested to the satisfaction of the aliens, and (most often) are returned without too much physical damage. We might not be satisfied with such reported behavior as it does not equate the landing on the White House lawn and press conferences, but reality rarely ever matches what we would wish it to be.

One last point here and it relates to our society bias or self conceit. A famous scientist whose name escapes me at the moment, stated that we ought not think of the possibility of alien visitors in terms of an advanced civilization that was years in advance of our own, but perhaps much longer advancement in maturity, not limit it to say they are 100 years in advance, but what if they are a million years ahead of us in technology? There is nothing in the time scale of the universe to make this impossible or even improbable; the Earth is quite young on the overall scale of the age of the universe, only some 4.5 to 5 billion years old while the universe is three times this age. Furthermore, we humans have only been in our proud advanced state of civilization for less than 10,000 years, a blink of the eye in the life of the universe. It is absolutely possible that another civilization might have evolved and advanced a million years ahead of our own, or even a billion years for that matter. Let us stop drawing human limitations on what an alien civilization will be.

Now dear reader if you wish to consider me as a member of the Tinfoil Hat brigade, feel free to do so and it won't bother me in the least. I look forward to the day when we will all learn the truth, down to small details; and of course there will be folks whom will refuse to believe it even then. Good luck and good hunting amigos, I hope you find the treasures that you seek.


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