Monday, September 21, 2009


Where is Vinland? The experts point to L'anse aux Meadows at the extreme northern tip of Newfoundland island as it, which is obviously NOT it, since they also found grape vine leaves and butternuts in the ruins. These came from some place well south.

The experts also say that Vinland was a failed colony, which lasted at most nine years. This is also false - for Leif Eriksson discovered it around the year 1000, and it was visited by Bishop Gnuppson in 1117 AD who described it as a wide and good land. The church then appointed a bishop for Vinland in 1120 AD, and he went there a year later. They don't appoint bishops to a colony which must have been abandoned over a century.

The Norse sagas also have clues which point to a place well south - for they mentioned that the winter days were more nearly equal than in northern latitudes, and farming was at least attempted. Farming would mean barns for the Norse kept cattle (they are specifically mentioned in one saga as being in Vinland) and there are no barns at L'anse aux Meadows.

Many places have been proposed over the years, from Maine to Florida or even farther south. There is that strange stone tower in Rhode Island, which is noted on Verrazano's map as a "Norman Villa". Then there are the Spirit Pond rune stones, which state that Vinland is "two days" south, and this is from very near the Rhode Island tower.

I suspect that the true site of Vinland the good will not be found, for the Norse settlers there did not build in stone and earth as they did in Greenland and Newfoundland but with logs - and the logs have long since rotted or burned away.

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