Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Ancient tech, UFOs and latest news

Ancient mysteries, UFOs, lies and secret government

Well here it is the 20th of February already, haven’t updated this blog in a while. As is usual with me, the evening’s satellite television programming has set me off. The history channel (my usual, again) had a series of rather good programs up against the winter Olympics – starting with digging for truth which was on the search for the lost Roanoke colony, the first English attempt to plant a colony in the New World.

This is one of my favorite mysteries so had to watch it – Sir Walter Raleigh’s 1587 colony which simply vanished into thin air, leaving only a single clue – the cryptic word “Croatoan” carved into a tree at the site of the original fort. The television program went after this in a way which I could only dream of – using DNA tests to link people alive in the USA who are very likely surviving progeny of the lost colonists with DNA of people in Great Britain. (What would I give to be able to do DNA tests on American Indians and find if they were directly related to ancient Carthaginians or Phoenicians!) Of course the “accepted” historians just dismiss the whole incident and say that the colonists probably starved to death, died of a disease, or were wiped out by hostile natives. The new evidence points to the colonists being taken in by friendly natives, (the Lumbee tribe) and literally absorbed into their culture! Hardly the sort of activity historians like to ascribe to Amerindians.

Later the UFO files was on the presidents and the subject, with plenty of questions raised. They openly asked the question whether a president is allowed to be “in the know” based on his political party affiliation, which is a point that many have suspected in the UFO community. It certainly looks like this is the case, which says something about the state of our republic, that our highest elected representative may or may not be allowed to know the deepest secrets of our own government. A few years back a friend of ours told me a great many things that at the time, I either laughed at or thought it was greatly exaggerated – however over time a large number of those things have come true. The fact that no less than four of the presidents have had their own UFO sightings (Reagan even chased one in an aircraft!) should show something to the skeptics who still maintain the whole phenomenon is nothing but misidentifications, mental problems, meteors, stars and planets etc – there is very definitely something “out there”!

I guess we should not be surprised then if the same good old oil-rich boys of the darkest hour of our history should be deeply involved in the UFO coverup, and be among those who ARE allowed to be “in the know” – including Nixon, Ford, GW Bush the first (especially, since he was head of the CIA and even refused to allow president Clinton access to the information) Cheney, Rumsfeld, and now the younger Bush who is running the nation into bankruptcy at an alarming rate.

Ancient tech?

I also sat through a National Geographic special on “who built Stonehenge” which was interesting, though hampered by modern biases. I cannot grasp why we modern people cannot imagine ancient people using their brains, as well as the technology we know they had. For example, in the case of Stonehenge, it is always assumed that the huge blocks of stone were literally man-handled into place, dragging them to the site on sleds with huge teams men sweating and probably swearing. Here is a blurb on the age of Stonehenge:

“Recent carbon dating at Stonehenge suggests the monument was built over a long period between 3000 and 1500 B.C., likely before the wheel was introduced to Europe.”
(from http://www.usnews.com/usnews/doubleissue/mysteries/stonehenge.htm)

So they probably didn’t have the wheel, but would have known how to use a sledge. We still use such things today, only we call them “stoneboats” (actually I am in the process of building one for the horse to pull now.) Now, if we keep in mind that these ancient folks had the exact same size brains and mental abilities that we do today, despite the fact they did not have our level of technology they were as intelligent and perhaps even a bit more clever than we are. I say perhaps more clever because necessity is the mother of invention, and they would have had good reason to use any “trick” they could think of. Now they had the problem of moving these huge stones, like many ancient peoples, did they have any other sort of an “engine” that could have made their job easier? Absolutely, and it is completely overlooked by virtually all historians and theorists – their draft animals! Oxen, specifically, were in use well before this time – according to this site: http://www.historyworld.net/wrldhis/PlainTextHistories.asp?historyid=ab11#1220
“Oxen are dragging heavy objects or loaded sledges by about 4000 BC.”

That is more than 1000 years of experience with working with oxen by the time Stonehenge is begun. The Egyptians also had oxen and were using them well before they began to build pyramids, so is it a coincidence that most of the stone blocks used there weigh some 2.5 tons, which is a good load for a yoke or span (team of two) oxen to pull on a sled? This does not mean that the pyramids in the Americas were built using oxen, though we may note that most of the American pyramids are not built of huge stone blocks, they are of small stones or even adobe block. I am convinced that the builders of Stonehenge, the Egyptian pyramids and many other monolithic sites used oxen to move the stones to the site, perhaps even to assist in lifting them into place. It is known that the ancient Indians used elephants to build huge monuments, but for some reason whenever the theorists decide to try some experiment in “proving” how some ancient site was constructed, they ignore the lowly draft animals used by the ancients and go straight to the image of masses of men straining on ropes. Hollywood is partially to blame for this…

Latest news

We have had a lot of wind lately so have not been able to put up our wind turbine. As you might guess this is pretty irritating – all that free power going to waste! So we have been working on other projects, while waiting for Friday when the rented machine arrives. I got a spot well started for the garden, including building a terrace. I gathered stone and built a low wall (dry) which approximates the difference in slope for the area, dug a ditch below it and threw the dirt on the uphill side. Over time, as the soil works its way downhill, it will actually self-level and be a nice level spot. Leveling the spot helps your plants to take advantage of what rains do fall, and I plan on putting into practice several of the methods used in the southwest for many centuries, including the waffle-grid system of the Hopis (mini-depressions for each plant) and the use of gravel as a mulch – the gravel helps to hold moisture in the ground while helping to prevent the growth of weeds. I would love to put in terra cotta pots with tops, of the unglazed type and thus irrigate each plant or group of plants (you bury the pots next to your plants, fill them with water and it seeps out) but have not found a place to get them, inexpensively.

“..and some men love to hear those cannonballs roar…” (song lyric from Whisky in the Jar by Metallica)

I guess I am become one of those oddballs. We had a couple who were driving around the hills here, digging and metal detecting etc on private lands without permission. Our neighbor even pulled a gun on them and told them to get out, the third time – of course they tell everyone they are looking to buy land here. There is no public land in the hills here, and though Arizona has more public land than private (87% public) this is one of the agricultural centers of the state with little public land. Of course it is less than ten miles east or west to many thousands of acres of public lands, but this Michigan couple just keeps prowling around here. We met them driving up on to our 40 acre (the eastern part) and escorted them out to the paved road, and thought that was the end of it – however the other day I happened to be getting something out of the tool box on top of the pickup truck and a glint of chrome in the distance caught my eye! I couldn’t’ imagine what it could be, so went and got the binoculars. Still couldn’t tell, so grabbed the 60 power spotting scope (the gleam was more than a mile away) and sure enough, it was a vehicle! They had parked it in a dry gulch, not 200 yards from the neighbor’s house, in a way that the neighbor would not be able to see it. Beth called them and told them what was going on, and in the meantime the Michigan trespassers decided to come over onto our land to do some digging, detecting etc or who knows, sizing up the place to rob us. (We are quite a distance from the nearest police station – in fact it would take an hour or more for them to get here IF they could even find the place! So one is fairly your own police protection.) Beth grabbed her assault rifle and the trespassers slowed to a stop. I could see they were looking at her, so I then got my own out and fired off a shot, - not in their direction – but boy they suddenly turned round and vanished! They didn’t even drive through the front yard of the neighbors house, like they did the last time. The neighbor heard the shot (my assault rifle is very loud, which is why I chose to fire it instead of a pistol which is not that loud at any distance) and called to ask what happened, when we told him he had a good laugh but said they might just call the cops on me. I said I hope they do, since they have been trespassing repeatedly for days now and acting very peculiar. So I have become one of those loonies that fires off guns to scare away people…. Yes I love to hear those cannons roar! Can’t wait to build my own, will really have something to make strangers piss themselves.

That is it for this edition, really have much more to add so will post it soon.
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