Monday, February 21, 2005

Eighth Edition

Useless News and other blather

Well the first bit of my work to appear in a book will be on the store shelves this fall. I wrote up a piece on Carthaginian explorers reaching America, and it will appear in an anthology tentatively titled "Mysterious Roots; the Disinformation Guide to Lost Civilizations" which will be edited by Preston Peet. Among the other contributors will be Graham Hancock and Michael Cremo, so the book ought to be pretty interesting stuff.

The title is still not locked in, the Disinformation company is not happy with the title and has posted a blog to fish for some title suggestions. When the title is locked in, I will post an update here. As for my own book, now in the sixth year of work and still not finished, well that should be wrapped up and (hopefully) will be published not too long afterwards. The title is The Secret of Carthage, but again one never knows what the publisher will decide!

Among the latest stuff on TV, we have been edified with such tidbits as Oetzi, the "iceman" who died in the Alps some 5300 years ago. Oetzi had so little respect for our modern historians, that he had among his belongings a copper axe, which is nearly 1000 years too soon according to those same historians. Oetzi had a surprising array of accesories with him, such as a backpack as good as any modern type, grass stuffed in his shoes for insulation, many different types of mosses, some for packing material, some for toilet paper, some for medicine, he had tatoos which were evidence of early acupuncture, again this is supposed to have been invented in China not in southern Europe! Oetzi also had copper in his hair, which proved that he had been involved in smelting the metal. Yep boy our historians sure know their stuff!

Hollywood is frequently attacked for being wildly inaccurate in their portrayals, yet in some features they are even tame compared with reality. For example, with the 'Afro-central' neuvo-history, we are taught that Egyptians were black Africans - however Rameses (the Great) had an aquiline nose and flaming red hair! If Hollywood ever depicted Rameses with flaming red hair they would probably face tremendous ostracism.

The UFO files tonight proved to be a repeat, and ended the program with the tidy 'scientific' answer to the abduction phenomenon; this is nothing but a mental affliction caused by electromagnetic pulses! As disparaging and insulting to the intelligence as this "answer" is, perhaps there is a crumb of truth here. For this theory to work, there must be a source of these electromagnetic pulses, keep this in mind. One possibility of the UFO and alien phenomena is that it is contact with a type of beings who are composed of electricity; there is evidence to support this too, for example the Quran states that Djinn are made of "smokeless fire" and are older than humans, the ancient Phoenicians said that the "watchers" were made of "fire" and that their natural shape was that of an egg. The strange incident of the Mothman was tied in mysteriously with electricity, and many UFO witnesses report strange electrical phenomena when in the presence of the craft. If these are beings who are actually composed of electricity, then these magnetic pulses could well be coming from them - this would mean that abductions are very much real, and could take place anywhere even in downtown New York City or in your safe warm bedroom! More on this later...

That is it for this edition, will fill in the rest of the news in an update later.


"We must find a way, or we will make one." --Hannibal Barca


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