Sunday, January 16, 2005

Addenda to last edition

Article Ideas

Not a new edition, just jotting down some ideas to pull together for future use. I have still not found that reference to the Punic coins found in the cave in Tennessee, but in re-checking many old sources I found a great deal of material that I have not included in the book (The Secret of Carthage) project, or the anthology article or the Celator piece. For one, several other inscribed stones besides the Bourne stone, such as the Pontotoc stele of Oklahoma, which has Punic writing on two sides of what appears to be a partial sundial! I do not agree with Dr. Barry Fell's translation, however he did not have access to a Punic dictionary so worked from Arabic which is distantly related. His effort would be analogous to translating a German text using an English dictionary - it is closely related but fairly different. Then there are the Libyan inscriptions. Fell got quite carried away with the idea of Libyans and Celts, and classified Tartessians as separate from Phoenicians however they are merely another branch of the same Phoenician tree as Tartessus (Tarshish of the bible) was founded by Phoenicians. He also seems to have viewed Iberian Punic as far different from Punic which is not the case. It should not be surprising to find Libyan inscriptions since Kyrene and "Libya" were so closely affiliated with Carthage. Kyrene was an ally of Carthage for centuries after their initial warfare, and "Libya" was ruled by Carthage for six hundred years except for the brief period of the Mercenary revolt after the first Punic war. All this reminded me that several coins are not included in Epstein's study of ancient coins found in America - two Numidian bronzes found in Ohio, and a third Numidian found in the Snake River by a gold prospector, plus two bronzes found in a river in Connecticut; one of which appears to be another Thurium coin. Epstein has only one or two Punic coins listed, I have found reports of their being found in eleven US states.

All of this (so far) is useful for the two articles and book project, however I learned that the old magazine Fate is still being published. Fate magazine is about UFOs, ghosts, the paranormal etc but includes ancient mysteries. I have an idea for an article on the possible alien connection to ancient civilizations. There have been found at least two artifacts that appear to be representations of flying craft very like modern fighter jets, one in South America (Peru if memory serves) the other in Egypt. Well I have in my possession a third such artifact. It was sold as a limestone "amulet" of the goddess Tanit from the ancient city of Carthage, dating to 600 BC. If one looks at it edgewise, it is not remarkable, however if viewed from above, it looks very like a modern fighter jet! The importance of this is, most historians deny that there could have been any contact between the Old World and the New, thus some theorists have proposed that these ancient aircraft amulets must therefore be proof of a direct visit by the "gods" or a clue from Atlantis. The idea that there was no contact between the Americas and the Old World however is very much mistaken - and if we can show that Carthage had the same ancient aircraft, they are almost certainly the agents of contact between the Americas and the Old world. The upshot here is, we can easily get photos of the amulet we own, and Fate magazine pays 10 cents per word. For a longer article (3000 words is their general limit) this means $300 per article, which is not bad for an uneducated boob like me to earn for spewing out my theories. Of course that is dependent on whether they would even accept my work, which is a rather slim chance but might be worth a try anyway.

I don't know if anyone is bothering to read these 'blogs' of ours, no one has posted any sort of reply so I must presume that no one is. I suppose it doesn't matter, at least our friends and relatives don't have to wade through my lengthy drivel on a daily basis, but I would like to read at least a little feedback and opinion - but I am not going to push anyone to do it. I would not want someone to do that to me. If no one is reading these but Beth and me, at least I am not annoying people!

Since we are stuck here for the winter, I have been thinking about the upcoming sales of draft horses. We don't need another, but might need to find a bigger collar for the stud as his neck has been growing. We now have some big pieces of log to hook him up to for training, so if he decides to try to run away he will have a big weight to slow him down. I am tempted to harness him up and hook him now - in five months he will be three years old which is the recommended age for Percherons to start harness training. I also think we need to make some kind of snow plow to use on the driveway for the rest of the winter. A simple "V" plow would work, just hook Maggie up and ride on the plow while you walk her back and forth through the driveway. It would be nicer if we could get all the vehicles out of the way first though. Perhaps we could hook a chain to the Ranger and pull it aside, and the Camaro will be gone soon - then all we would have to move would be the Chrysler and the half ton pickup. I guess I am getting 'antsy' to harness up a horse!

That is it for this 'addenda' so will close here.

"Seldom are men granted good sense and good fortune at the same time." --Hasdrubal Haedus, Carthaginian senator


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