Sunday, January 09, 2005

Third Edition

Another RNF, as Rod Serling used to say, "submitted for your approval"...

The History channel program Conspiracy? tonight was on the RFK assassination. With all the attention focused on the JFK assassination, I had never looked into the RFK case and was shocked at the evidence. RFK was shot in the back of the head, at virtually point-blank (up to three inches distance) range, and in the back. The murderer Sirhan Sirhan has been locked away ever since - however, in the actual assassination, RFK was facing Sirhan, not turned away from him! How do you shoot someone in the back of the head, while facing him? Witnesses say the pistol in Sirhan's hand was never closer than 18 inches. His pistol was an 8 shot Iver Johnson 22 rimfire, not exactly a high powered firearm and (not to throw too much disdain on Iver Johnson) not known for their accuracy. The investigators recovered seven of the bullets fired, five from other victims hit in the fusillade, two from RFK, one was lost in the ceiling - however there are enough bullet holes to account for no less than 13 bullets! How do you get 13 bullets out of an 8 shot revolver with no chance of reloading it? Witnesses saw a woman (or a couple) wearing a polka-dotted dress running outside, yelling "We shot Kennedy!" but the witnesses were actually badgered by the LAPD into recanting their testimony. Sirhan Sirhan also shows all the signs of having been a brainwashed, "Manchurian Candidate" programmed assassin. His notebook was full of rantings and chantings that are excellent proof of his being brainwashed, and a psychiatrist who examined him found that he was very easily sent into a trance simply by showing a quarter in front of his face. In that trance state, he was able to recreate the scrawlings of his notebook, but he claimed that he had no recollection of ever writing in the notebook or of the assassination! Perhaps we as a nation need to get a real investigation begun into the assassinations of the 1960s, with powers to prosecute and bring to justice the people who were behind the political killings. Perhaps such an investigation would bring down some very powerful people, but we could reclaim our democracy.

Meanwhile the war in Iraq and Afghanistan grinds on, with no end in sight. We have special forces hunting Bin Ladin in Afghanistan, even though we know for a fact that he is not in the country but fled to Pakistan. I hope that the new upcoming elections in Iraq will start to end this uprising that accomplishes nothing but more and more killing - the insurgents cannot defeat our forces and are not really fighting for a "cause" for that matter, all they can do is hurt us. Of course in the process, they are going to be hurt far more, so over the long run it will fail unless Americans suddenly have a change of heart. I doubt that more than 10% of Americans would vote to pull our troops out with the job unfinished, so how effective is the Iraqi insurgency working?

A busy week and a busy month for Beth and me. Tomorrow she has some tests to take,(trying to locate just where her stroke originated from so they can find a way to treat and prevent another) and the next day I get all my upper teeth removed. (Maybe that will shut me up for a while eh? haha) I have an appointment Wed. back at the dental center so they can poke and prod to see if I can yell loudly. There is something to be done for about every day of the month, will be glad when January is over. Put a couple more guns up for auction on, seems to be working out. Beth is seriously considering getting an FFL to run as a side business, now that you can actually relocate your FFL. Had a hell of a time getting the horse trailer moved (had it blocking the barn access gate) to put hay in, and another hell of a time getting the pickup out of the driveway even though it was shoveled. The shoveled out area turned into a sheet of ice, and the 4wd just spun all four tires on the ice. The ice-topped snow is so hard it hardly breaks even when the Percheron horses walk on it.

So we are stuck here for another six months, if I wait to get my store-bought teeth which will not be until June. I hate the idea of moving to the desert in the heat of summer, but at this point I would even move in the middle of an ice storm across the whole of the country.

Well that is it for this edition, unless I go off on another tangent.

"The only job that you can start at the top is post hole digging." --Pat Parelli


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