Thursday, April 27, 2006

Rodents and paranormal research

Victory in the war with the rodents

Yep you read that right, there was a victory in the war with the rodents – the rodents won. They finished off the remains of what was growing, despite catching no less than seven of the little pests in a twelve hour span. The various methods we tried all worked to some extent – the electric fence seemed to have stopped the voles from entering the garden at all but did not hinder the pocket mice and kangaroo rats. I will continue to kill them at a rate as fast as I can, as I still have some seeds left which could be planted if the rodent population could be gotten under control. If our old dog Deamon were still around and in his prime, there would be no rodent problem as he was an excellent vermin killer. Back when we were gardening at the place on David White road he spent most of his time hunting and killing the vermin, so that we had no problem. In fact over the years at many places he made short work of rats, mice, woodchucks etc and would tunnel his way in to get them or sit over the entrance to their burrows and wait for them to poke their heads out then instantly strike and kill them. Much better than any cat we ever had. Unfortunately the younger dogs just don’t have the quickness to strike or the patience to wait – they have caught some of the rats but not many, they are getting better at it though.

Paranormal research

I have been studying the paranormal since the teenage years of living in what could be termed a classic “haunted house”. My first years there I believed the explanation for all the strange sounds, doors closing and opening, lights going on and off as “the house settling”. However I became a believer in hauntings and read all the Hans Holzer books on the subject I could find. With the neighbors we tried séances, the Ouija board, and other experiments with sometimes frightening success. Over the years I have kept studying, and today there is even a television series called Ghost Hunters, so I know I am not alone in my interest. Since we got away from PA I had thought we were without any unseen presences until a couple of weeks ago when the invisible dog would scratch at the door to get in, and the disembodied voice called my name, so now even living in a camper we apparently have some sorts of unseen presence occupying the area.

I have been toying with a theory for what some of these hauntings (and some other phenomena) which does not explain all but would explain some and suggests some methods for dealing with the incidents. As far back as human record can be traced, there are reports of beings who are not like anything else on the planet. In ancient Hebrew accounts these beings were “watchers” and these strange beings from the heavens were even suspected of having impregnated the mother of Noah; some were so attracted to human women they were recorded as having cross-bred and produced giants. The Sumerians told of strange beings from the heavens too, and similarly the beings who went to live on Earth caused a lot of harm and chaos; in Greek mythology these beings are also referred to as “watchers” – strange non-human entities who spend most of their time observing the activities of humans. In ancient Phoenician accounts these beings are called “observers of heaven” and they noted that the natural shape of these beings was that of an egg, and that they were without sensation. In the Quran the strange beings are called Djinn, and similar to the Phoenician account they are made of “smokeless fire”.

Strange electrical phenomena are widely reported with many UFOs. Even some of the details reported by UFO abductees seem to fit with the idea (explained below) as the abductees were told to think of the small aliens as “dolls possessing life”. A lot of these strange incidents and behavior could be due to the effects of interacting with beings whose very essence is quite different from our own, because they are electrically based!

The Quran may have come close to the fact, as electricity could very well be described as “smokeless fire” and even fire could be described as a living thing – after all it “breathes” oxygen, it consumes food (fuel) is capable of movement, gives off energy in both heat and light, produces waste (ash), grows and exhales (smoke) and even reproduces itself and “dies”. Some of our greatest scientific minds have postulated that in four or five billion years we ourselves might evolve into energy based beings, no longer in need of physical bodies. We are at our very core, energy based beings – our brains are electrical centers with “wiring” running to every part of our bodies, and on our death, every trace of electrical activity in the human body ceases or disappears. Electricity might be what the “soul” or spirit of our religions is actually based upon.

Then if we consider that the Earth itself is only some four to five billion years old while the universe is closer to 13 billion years old, there seems to have been plenty of time for some other beings to have been evolving and have reached the level of an electricity based “body” rather than a physical one. Such beings might not be so troubled by the vast distances involved in traveling from star to star. Then again, these energy beings could very well be native to the Earth, in fact this is quite possible especially since they seem to have been around humanity, observing and watching, occasionally interfering forever. They may not have any “lifespan” since energy cannot be destroyed, and thus apparently “live” forever.

I am not the first to come up with this theory of energy based life forms. Here is an extract I found on the net:

The physicist and major SF writer Gregory Benford talks in terms of magnetically-field based energy beings in his novels, such as "Eater".

As I understand him, the magnetic fields of planets, stars and black holes are not just your everyday high-school science class flux lines between North to South poles, but may be whole environments capable of hosting complex self-sustatining patterns that are a form of life. Sort of like a planet's atmosphere is not just a simple layer of gas, but is able to support hurricanes and the like.

Another classic idea is based on "ball lightning": something like a cloud of charged particles (I think the buzzword is plasma) that is stable and can support a complex structure.

In "Eater", Benford presents a black hole whose magnetic field contains patterns created from, or mapped from, or uploaded from (pick your buzzword) individuals and whole civilizations. He suggests that such an entity would an "infovore": a being that lives by eating information rather than matter.

End extract

In some cases of “hauntings” where the effects would fit well with an encounter with an energy based life form, (I am strongly reminded of the various incidents with the “Mothman” of West Virginia, Indrid Cold and investigator John Keel) we are mistaken to assume this is some dis-embodied spirit of a human being or “alien” beings. An energy being would easily be able to slip through walls and ceilings, float across rooms, etc and be either visible or invisible, assume almost any shape and so forth. It would cause electrical interference, perhaps not deliberate. I would add here that the voice of Indrid Cold (the Mothman) when analyzed appeared to be an electrical discharge!

It may be possible to trap one of these energy beings. In voodoo it is believed that human souls could be trapped in bottles and jars, thus imprisoned and forced to serve the voodoo priest or witch. Ancient Islamic belief held that Djinn could live in old lamps, amphora or jars (recall the tale of Aladdin’s lamp). Perhaps a glass jar, lined on the inside with aluminum foil (like the old Leyden jars used for electrical experiments, in fact large capacitors) if set up with wire antenna attached to the foil, could be used to trap and capture one of the energy beings. It could be then studied, though it would not be moral to keep it imprisoned for eternity so should be released in a safe place. (From ancient accounts, these beings favor deserts and ancient ruins, so this would seem a logical place to release such an entity.)

Enough theorizing for now, will add more later.



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