Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Spring Equinox

Spring has finally arrived

Well winter is finally over, but not without a last blast here. We got quite a snow squall, which even coated the ground for a few hours but thankfully it melted off right away. The Chiricahua and Dos Cabezas mountains got snow caps, which were really beautiful. The Dos Cabezas lost the snow in a day, the Chiricahuas still have a white top though.

We lost our tomato plants due to a windstorm which tore the plastic enough to let the cold air in, so will have to replant them. The strawberries and asparagus also seem to have been burned by the frost but they may survive. Definitely for next year, will need to have better methods of protecting the tender plants, small cold frames seem the best idea. The fruit trees are starting to put out leaves, and the blossoms didn't turn black and drop so who knows - may even get some fruit out of them this year?

Got all the trees planted except for the palm and hydrangea, don't want to damage them while working on the house so may hold off on putting them in for a while. So things are progressing...

Had an unusual encounter last night. I went out to check on something and nearly stepped on a large coyote. He looked so much like our Lobo dog that I thought it was him for the second it took him to realize that a human was about three inches away from him and take off. Only after the wild dog got to the fence did I realize that all the dogs were in, sleeping soundly. I am pretty sure he was after water, I had several buckets of water (actually grey water from the washing machine, we use it to water the trees and garden) right near the spot where he was sneaking in. The surprising thing to me was that he was that close to the camper, with the TV on and had to slip past one dog to get there - he apparently didn't even notice me opening and closing the door. Another strange incident happened today, when Beth and I were both in here getting coffee - we clearly heard someone say "Roy" from what seemed to be the other side of the camper. It was loud enough that even half-deaf Deamon dog heard it - so I went to see who had called my name but no one was anywhere in sight; and we can see for miles! I wonder what is the next strange event to come?

That is it for this edition.

"We must find a way, or we will make one." --Hannibal Barca


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sometimes I think deserts are haunted more then other places.

2:16 PM  

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